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Presentation Training

Learn to speak boldly and bravely in front of an audience.

Let an actor teach you.

In our sessions, I will give you concrete, repeatable tools to enhance your presentations, give you more confidence in your vocal abilities, and to help make your message crystal clear.  We will approach your speech from a physical, vocal, and mental standpoint to create an effective, reliable, and repeatable public-speaking action plan tailor made to your individual strengths. 

This process is useful for executives, attorneys, public relations personnel, and speech makers of all kinds.  It is a great addition to media training and for conquering stage fright. 

I am based in New York City, but I can bring this training to your city, too (travel expenses apply).

Feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have and to set up your free consultation by emailing

Currently a Professor of Acting at Montclair State University, I also teach one on one sessions and small group classes for actors as well as corporate clients.

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